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    Definition: "The term Web 2.0  is commonly     associated with web applications that facilitate     interactive information sharing, interoperability,     user-centered design, and collaboration on the     World Wide Web."


Voice Thread   Edmodo   Voki
  Collaborative, multimedia slide show with images, documents, and voices     Private microblogging platform for sharing ideas, files, events, and assignments     Create personalized, speaking avatars
Calameo   PB Works   Newspaper Clipping Generator
  Publish and share documents embedded with video and audio     Establish a secure, interactive, online workspace in about 60 seconds     Create "pretend" newspaper clippings
Wall Wisher   Screen Jelly   Newseum
  Online notice board where you can post text notes, images, video, and links     Record your screen activity along with your voice and then share it     Displays front pages of many of the world's daily newspapers. (Note: Some front pages may contain inappropriate material.)
KidBlog   Animoto   Wordle
  Safe and simple blogs for students     Create unique video from your photos, video clips and music     Generate "word clouds" from text you provide



Definition: "The art and process of combining individual elements of design, along with principles of aesthetics and mechanics, to create web pages." | Definition: "Images consisting of digital information in the form of pixels that can read and manipulated by a ;computer."  
Definition: "Inquiry-oriented activities in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the Internet."                   
                                     -Bernie Dodge

Teacher Web Pages
Suggestions to get you started

Images in the Classroom
Ideas for using cameras, scanners and printers
Best Web Quests
Matrix of web quests sorted by content area and learner's age

Dreamweaver Notes
How to create pages using Dreamweaver

How to Take Good Photos
Short slide show of simple tips
Quest Garden
Excellent place to view examples of good web quests
Assignments Page Template
Save template to your web page folder, open file in Microsoft Word, enter information, click "Save".

Kodak Ideas and Projects
Great ideas for things to do with pictures
Photo Albums
How to create albums in Dreamweaver

Canon Creative Park
Free, easy-to-use projects for school and home
Sample Photo Album
See how a photo album looks

Hewlett Packard Activity Center
Lots of creative print projects

Library of Congress
Learning Page especially for teachers – lessons, features, activities, tips & tricks for the classroom



Smithsonian Photographs Online
Great historic photographs – be sure to read copyright information
National Geographic Society
Awesome photographs and information



Kid Info
Simple, easy-to-use site arranged by
subject area
B J Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
Over 700 helpful sites compiled by a
teenager who knows what students need
Great Web Sites for Kids
700+ sites compiled by American Library
Association for students, teachers, parents