Hammer Strength Training


The Sterling Wellness Center has recently become a certified national Hammer Strength training center. The Sterling Wellness Center is listed as one of only two recognized Hammer Strength training centers in the state of Kansas. The list of Hammer Strength and Life Fitness equipment is as follows: Hammer Iso-chest press, Hammer Iso-super incline, Hammer Horizontal Iso-bench press, Hammer Iso-shoulder press, Hammer Iso-front lat pulldown, Hammer Iso-low row, Hammer Iso-row, Hammer Preacher curl machine, Hammer Iso-leg press, Hammer squat/lunge, Hammer leg extension, Hammer seated leg curl, Hammer Iso-lying leg curl, Hammer seated calf, Hammer tibia dorsiflexion, Hammer leg raise, Hammer abdominal board, Hammer Jammer, five Hammer Strength power racks with five Hammer adjustable benches, Power lift glute-ham bench, Power lift reverse hyper-extension, Life Fitness dual pully machine, Life Fitness adductor/abductor, Life Fitness ab crunch bench, eight Life Fitness 9500 hr. treadmills (2005), two Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainers, two Life Fitness Recumbant Bikes, two Life Fitness Lemonds sprint bikes, Body Power Smith Machine, Body Power Pec Deck, Body Power Cable Crossover, Body Power Standing Calf, Body Power Preacher Seat, eight Body Power adjustable dumbbell benches, one set of dumbbells from three pounds to 100 pounds, one set of dumbbells from five pounds to 130 pounds. We also have an assortment of straight bars and E-Z bar curl bars.