Pass the Test!

Preparing for a test starts long before the actual test is announced.

  • Listen to your teacher.
  • Complete all homework (also known as practice).
  • Ask questions about things you don’t understand.


Study regularly to become completely familiar with the information.


Ask yourself the following questions to assess your test-taking ability:

When I take a test, I …



Look it over, survey the entire test and read all directions before I begin working.



Plan how I will use my time in taking the test.



Do the easiest questions first.



Complete the harder questions next.



Know that most statements which use always or never are generally false on True and False Tests.



Use the process of elimination for multiple choice questions.



Cross off answers as I use them in matching tests.



Plan my essays carefully. I jot down important facts before writing, making sure that I answer all parts of the question being asked.



Work at a steady pace.



Check over my answers before I hand the completed test to the teacher.




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