This week, our school is holding a Penny Challenge to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House of Kansas City. Each of our six grade levels are competing to win a round of breakfast pizza by donating pennies to earn points for their class and pitching in silver coins (bills, if you'd like, too), to deduct from the point total for other classes. Each cent is worth a point, so a quarter in the bucket negates 25 pennies.

The class with the most points after lunch on Friday will be declared the winner and all proceeds will be delivered to RMHC in Kansas City next week. We will update standings after each school day and post here.

Standings* of Thursday, February 11:

  1.   Seniors (-4004 points)
  2.    Sophomores (-5386 points)
  3.    Freshmen (-5765 points)
  4.    7th Grade (-6135 points)
  5.    8th Grade (-7040 points)
  6.    Juniors (-10547 points)

Total Raised in 4 days: $622.13

* All money counts are approximate and will not be official until bank machine counting on Friday afternoon. Silver and bills are hand counted, pennies (over 11,000 of them) are approximated by weight.