School Supplies

Each year, Goodfellows of Southern Rice County graciously collects school supplies for all Sterling USD 376 students. Working in partnership with our teachers and community to ensure all of our students have the majority of supplies they need at the outset of each year is a tremendous blessing to our families and our teachers, not to mention the budgets of both.

While most of what your student needs is provided through the Goodfellows supply drive, there are a few specific items that students and their families will need to provide to ensure they have everything needed for the school year.

At the High School, students will need a scientific calculator and a backpack. Some classes may have additional requirements, but those will be discussed with ample lead time to allow students to acquire necessary items.

Junior High students need a backpack, a scientific calculator, a set of wired headphones (not Bluetooth) for listening through Chromebooks, and a padlock for their PE locker.

Elementary students need a backpack and wired headphones (not Bluetooth).

If your family cannot pay for any of the above-mentioned items, please call our office or come in and let us know. And if you have a chance, please let Goodfellows of Southern Rice County know of your appreciation for their efforts via their Facebook page ( On behalf of the entire staff, we are grateful for their efforts with this annual project.