Chasing Vermeer - A Different Place.org
Tons of great links to activities and topics related to the book. A wonderful resource!

Chasing Vermeer - Scholastic.com
An excellent site from Scholastic featuring an online pentominoes game, printable pentominoes, and information about the book's author and illustrator.

Flashlight Readers - Teachers' Guide
Another great resource from Scholastic.

William Allen White Curriculum Guide
Curriculum guide, including discussion questions and activity suggestions.

Kids' Wings - Chasing Vermeer
Links and information about the book.

At the beginning of Chasing Vermeer, Petra talks about going through the art museum and thinking about which piece of art you'd like to take home with you. Your task: choose and analyze a famous, museum-quality piece of art you'd like to take home. You can download the page and type your information into your gallery note page.

ONLINE RESOURCES to help you complete your project:

My Style
Take Questionnaire #1 and find out which style of painting suits you the best. Once you know a style you like and have names of artists who specialize in that style, you can begin to narrow down your choices.

Styles of Art
Explains 11 major styles of art, gives a brief definition and history of each, and lists well-known artists typical of each style. 

Art History: Famous Artists
Click on your choice of art style and find a description of the style and list of artists who used that style. Artist information includes a biography and extensive list of links to visual examples online. 

Different Art Styles
Describes four different art styles -- surrealism, pop art, impressionism, and cubism -- and gives information about famous artists in each style and visual examples of their work. 

WebMuseum: Artist Index
Alphabetical listing of artists. Provides biographical and stylistic information and visual examples of their work. 

Famous Artists
Includes information about 12 well-known artists, including a brief bio, their style, and their major works. 

Color Picture Resources
Looking for a color picture to print? Online poster stores are a good resource.

Find the largest image possible for best quality. Pull from the corners only (not the sides, bottom or top) so the image doesn't become distorted. Make sure you don't enlarge it too much in your word document so it doesn't become too pixilated. Your printout should be good quality. Document the source of your image! 

Making a bibliography is the correct way to give credit to the sources you've used when doing research. This citation maker lets you fill in the blanks and create a citation you can cut and paste into your project. 

Just for fun, try these online art games