Sterling Grade School

2018 National Blue Ribbon School Profile

Sterling Grade School was named a 2016 National Title I Distinguished School by the National Title I Association. Sterling Grade School was notified of the award by the Kansas Commissioner of Education Dr. Randy Watson. Sterling Grade School was one of only two schools in the entire state to receive this award. Our school was recognized for continuous high achievement. SGS had the highest average Assessment Performance Index (API) of all Title I schools in Kansas on the 2015 and 2016 Kansas Assessments. It is worth noting that there at 667 Title I schools in Kansas and Sterling Grade School ranked 1 st!!!

Sterling Grade School

Address: 218 South 5th Street, Sterling, KS 67579
School phone: 620-278-3112
School fax: 620-278-2913
Principal: Brennan Riffel 

For reporting a student absence:
Call 620-278-3112 Ext.0

For contacting a teacher:

  1. Find out the teacher's extension in the Staff Directory.
  2. Dial 620-278-3112, followed by the extension number.
  3. If the teacher is not available, leave a message on their voice mail.