This is a great, free citation maker with some helpful shortcuts. For a web site, simply click the "Website" tab and enter the URL (I like to cut and paste it to avoid typing mistakes). It creates a pretty complete citation that you can fill in with details if needed. You can cut and paste the completed citation into your works cited. It includes templates for a variety of sources, including databases, digital images, interviews, etc.

MLA Guides

How to cite Follett ebooks:

Follett EBooks Bibliography Instructions

Click here to view a screencast showing how to cite Follett ebooks.

Basic directions: cite the item like it was a regular book, but at the end add the words Follett ebook.

Example (you would need to add the hanging indents):

Ceceri, Kathy, and Samuel Carbaugh. Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future with 20 Projects. White River Junction, VT: Nomad, 2012. Follett Ebook.

Print BIB SHEETS for these commonly used resources:

**For online databases, most provide a properly formatted works cited entry that you may cut and paste.