Shed Construction Image by Allison Peterson from Pixabay

Sterling USD #376 is offering a construction camp this summer for students finishing 5th grade through high school. The camp will cover a two-week span of time during the month of June. The camp will be supervised and instructed by Dwayne Wilson, with help from construction professionals within our community. Jerry Ravenstein and Wyatt Hook (SHS student) will teach a session on concrete form/finish work. Andy Wilson has agreed to teach a session on wall construction and truss setting. The class project will be constructing a 21’x 21’ storage facility (using residential framing practices) at the north end of the track. The facility will be used for storing high jump/pole vault pits, as well as hurdles. This will reduce the weathering of the pits and save our district thousands of dollars in replacement costs.  If you are interested in having your child attend, please contact me at to reserve a spot in the camp. 


  1. To engage students mathematically in the practical application of math used in the construction of residential type framing.

  2. To develop skill sets that employers are seeking, including learning how to fill out applications, showing up for work on time, and completing assigned tasks with quality and on time.

  3. To apply measurement skills using tape measures, as well as the numerical values needed in residential construction. This will include counting in multiples of 12”, 16”, and 24” while laying out walls and roof truss systems.

  4. To learn the vocabulary necessary to speak intelligently on the job site. This will include names of tools, building terminology, and material dimension knowledge. 

  5. Students will apply proper safety guidelines while working on a construction site. 


  1. All power tools needed for the project will be provided by the camp.

  2. If possible, having students bring their own hammer, tape measure, and safety glasses (required) will aid in allowing for more hands-on activities for the kids. 

Camp Schedule

The camp will start on Tuesday, May 25th meeting in my classroom at Sterling Grade School. We will meet from 9:00-11:00 this first day. During this time we will go over the construction schedule as well as teach the vocabulary terminology, measurement skills, and safety instructions expected on the job site. A more formal schedule will be available depending on material scheduled delivery as well as completion of dirt work.