Ten more days until summer vacation calls it good (the weather may not join in, but we're back to school). And 10 is the number of I-ratings earned by SHS students at the State Speech & Drama Festival last May. #WeAreSterling
about 22 hours ago, Phil Bressler
SHS Students at State Speech & Drama Festival
SHS Student Council giving up part of the end of their summer to prep for the year ahead. #WeAreSterling
1 day ago, Phil Bressler
For the 4th year in a row, Goodfellows of Southern Rice County has provided school supplies for all students, save for just a few items. Thanks to Goodfellows! Here's the list: https://thrillshare.com/s/news-usd-376/articles/back-to-school-supply-lists-usd-376. #WeAreSterling
2 days ago, Phil Bressler
School Supplies
Eleven gold medals claimed by our Track & Field athletes at this past spring's HOA League Meets for Junior High and High School (2 HS and 9 JH titles). Also, 11 days until school is back up and running at full speed again. #WeAreSterling
2 days ago, Phil Bressler
2022 Black Bear HOA T&F League Champions
Twelve days until "full go" at SJSHS. And 12 is the number of hallways that connect all of the rooms of our thrice expanded school. However, this total doesn't include the library, through which multiple students pass each day. #WeAreSterling
3 days ago, Phil Bressler
Hallways of SJSHS
Thirteen more sunrises before we're back in the educational saddle. And 13 is the number of Regional, District, and Sub-State Championships claimed by Black Bears in 2021-22. #WeAreSterling
4 days ago, Phil Bressler
Nate Dold finishes first at Regional Wrestling
Fourteen students earned awards at the HOA League Art Festival last spring on 19 entries, with five of those earning first-place honors. 14 is also the number of days until these students get back into their art classes for the fall semester. #WeAreSterling
5 days ago, Phil Bressler
Art display in SJSHS Office
Online enrollment for USD 376 is back up and running! If you have already filled out forms, please log back in to check for other forms that may need to be filled out. For questions with online enrollment, please email Wes art laudermilkw@usd376.com. Incoming preschoolers, kindergarteners and all new students to the district will need to enroll in person. The junior high and high school enrollment will be Tuesday the 9th from 4-6 pm at the high school offices and the grade school will be on Wednesday the 10th from 2-6 pm at the grade school offices. Thank you for your patience over the past few days!
6 days ago, Wes Laudermilk
Fifteen days of hot, sticky summer until students can enjoy air-conditioned comfort in our classrooms for 7 hours & 25 minutes daily. 15 is also the number of division-I ratings our vocalists & instrumentalists earned on solos at State Music Festival last spring. #WeAreSterling
6 days ago, Phil Bressler
Megan Roelfs performs her alto sax solo
Next Thursday, we are pleased to host Rob Miller with Proactive Coaching for three sessions: one for coaches, one for students (4:00) and one for parents (6:00). All sessions will be held in the OSAC. Fall Sports Parent Meeting is at 5:30. #WeAreSterling
6 days ago, Phil Bressler
Ten things
Sixteen days until school begins. 16 also represents the number of Black Bear Events won at the State Track & Field Meet this century, from McCoy's triple-gold weekend in 2000 to Tyus Wilson's 2A State Meet record in 2021. #WeAreSterling
7 days ago, Phil Bressler
Tyus Wilson clears the bar at 2021 KSHSAA State Track & Field Meet
Seventeen days until we’re back in the mix fully, which matches the number of doors in our office. #WeAreSterling
8 days ago, Phil Bressler
Office Doors
We are having some difficulties with the enrollment system. The forms to fill out are not showing up. Please be patient with us as we try to fix this in the next few days. We will send out another message when things are fixed.
8 days ago, Wes Laudermilk
Eighteen tables, on average, is what you'll find in our commons on a given day (your experience may differ based on activity and time of day). 18 is also the number of days until we're back in full-swing at SJSHS. #WeAreSterling
9 days ago, Phil Bressler
SJSHS Commons
Nineteen days until the buses are full of students and parking lots are full of cars. And 19 is the number of class days in but two months this year: November and February. Some days, finding a number that fits is hard, nonetheless, here's our 22-23 calendar. #WeAreSterling
10 days ago, Phil Bressler
22-23 USD 376 Calendar
Twenty days until we kick off the 2022-23 school year with all six grades. 20 is also our certified teaching staff FTE. Great teachers across the board with 1 to 41 years of classroom experience. #WeAreSterling
11 days ago, Phil Bressler
SJSHS Certified Teaching Staff
Junior High students will take 21 courses during two years at SJSHS. Core classes are scheduled in the morning, electives right after lunch, then PE/Strength Training and a Wheel of exploratory courses. 21 is also the number of days until classes resume next month. #WeAreSterling
12 days ago, Phil Bressler
JH Course Schedule
Twenty-two more days until the bell system is up and running again, moving over 200 students to their next class period. 22 is also the number of Division I-Ratings earned by SHS Musicians last spring at the KSHSAA Regional Music Festival. #WeAreSterling
13 days ago, Phil Bressler
SHS Musicians perform at Music Festival
The youngsters in this photo took third place in the 2019 State Debate Tournament, which marked the 23rd such trophy garnered by SHS students in KSHSAA State contests. Twenty-three is also the number of days until we're back in school at full speed. #WeAreSterling
14 days ago, Phil Bressler
2019 SHS Debate Squad @ State
Twenty-four more days. And 24 minutes past 8:00 is when 1st period takes up daily. That 24 minutes is set aside for a period we call Success, time to ready one's self for the day, make sure you have what you need, have a quick meeting, or get a question answered. #WeAreSterling
15 days ago, Phil Bressler
Clock showing 8:24